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Finding your Maximum: Using VO2 Max in Training

By Chris Baddick Competitive sport is all about pushing yourself to find your maximum, both in racing and training. Often, the first step in any new coach­-athlete relationship is determining fitness potential. This requires a benchmark, or scale on which to place the athlete. Since the late 1960’s, VO2max has been one of the primary methods […]

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Oops… that shouldn’t happen!

Yesterday I did an indoor session of the Stelvio ascent. What was I thinking! No warm up, just jumped on the bike and set off! It was a short ride of 23km, but all uphill! 1700m of climbing in all, with several 10% parts! Rather than just hammer it, I decided to just pace myself […]

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What is a match?

A “match” is an elusive term used by riders, and coaches within the bike racing world. When you burn a match, you have done a hard effort. It’s an effort that in which you had to dig deep, or you had to really push yourself. Any bike racer knows what it feels like to have burned […]

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