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My Sunday (part 2) by Munchkin

Whilst Shakey was sweating hard at his strenous Sunday training ride (in bed), without him realising I was tagging along in his slipstream too… However, he must have been getting a lot of practice at this visual-training-in-bed thing since I couldn’t keep up no matter how hard I tried!!!! 😛 Seriously though with work being […]

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Hell of the Ashdown

A CycloSportive? In Winter? And why not? We know that you keen Sportive riders are made of tough stuff and train throughout the winter. You are definitely not ‘couch potatoes. While others have their feet up slouched in front of a roaring fire (or roaring Tele!) you Guys and Gals are out in all weathers, […]

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Rapha-Condor-Recycling Launch

Last night saw the launch of the new team that will take English cycling to this years olympics in Beijing, China and various races in the UK and Europe. The evening held at a restaurant in the Central London, showed the team kit and bikes that that will be worn and riden for this years […]

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