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Tour Down Under Stage 5

Stage 5 of this years TDU started from McLaren Vale again and would finish up Willunga Hill for the second year. This year I popped down to the tour village with Alexander to watch the start. Then went back home to watch the race on TV. Popping out again (4 times) to snap some photos […]

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Training them young

Bicycle maintenance is important and that includes keeping the bike clean. With all those mechanical parts, a clean bike will smoothly change gear and brakes will work most effectively. Luckily I had some young hands to help me over the weekend, I wonder if he’ll do the car next!!

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Cool for cats

With today’s weather hitting 42.4c, it was a hot ride to pick Alexander up from kindergarten. Despite looking cool in his helmet and sunglasses (alligator helmet left at home), he certainly enjoyed watching his daddy puff up the short hill in a headwind that resembled cycling in a hair dryer.

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