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Ooo… Look at me, I’m great!!!!

As if Strava wasn’t enough for those ego building KOMs, you can now flash your statistics all over those cycling forums and websites using Veloviewer. A website that goes through your Strava history and collates all your best ride details and puts them into a nice little signature. Here’s mine:

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RPE to Power to HR Zones


Adjusting your training regime relies on know some basic information, such a power or heart-rate zones. Then you can map out the appropriate intensity to ensure your recovery ride is not an anaerobic workout that will leave you dying on the sofa. Often it’s easier to just use Training-Manager-Google to find a training plan, but […]

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Stretches: a post-ride treat for your muscles

Physio Fiona White complied this set of stretches for riders on the RACV Great Victorian Bike Ride and they’re great to follow any ride. Before we start, here are a few simple stretching guidelines to follow: 1. Focus on muscles that are tight in your own body. We are all different and our bodies react differently to exercise. It’s not rocket […]

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